For a monthly donation of $25 per month you are changing a life of a child in Zimbabwe and they are relying on you to stay committed to them and provide them with an education until they graduate. 

They will look forward to writing you letters on their progress and reading your words that will encourage them to work and study hard. 

How it works

Negona operates in some of Zimbabwe's most impoverished areas. Innocent children growing up in these areas often face hunger, poverty, exploitation and lack on many levels. Sponsorship connects a sponsor with a child living in these unfavorable conditions and supports Negona's programs for children in these areas. Through our program, sponsors are able to build relationships and make a difference in the life of a child through contributions, letters of encouragement, gifts and one-on-one interaction. Sponsors receive a photograph of their sponsored child and annual progress updates.

Your monthly contribution helps provide children with food, school supplies, and other necessities, where resources permit. As a sponsor, you will also be able to give directly to your sponsored child through gifts, letters or by assisting your child with any special needs.


You can sponsor a needy child through the Negona sponsorship program for only $25 per month.

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